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Updating Your Look

A key to looking & feeling good is keeping your look updated. Having long hair can be fun, but after a few years the novelty can wear off. Long hair takes lots of effort & care to make sure it stays healthy, this can begin to eat into the time you have for your daily beauty routine.

Consider getting a hair cut to remove split ends, dull follicles & over processed strands. This will not only rejuvenate your locks but also your look. Having shorter hair will also keep your daily routine down to minimum time. How nice would it be to run a brush thru that hair & then fly out the door or take care of more important business.

Hair is not the only way to update your style. Update your perfume to revitalize your nose & presence. The people around will love to guess what new notes you are rocking. Changing out a tried & true style or fragrance can be difficult for those who have an aversion to change. Try small things & then work the way up to something larger. Even the smallest details can invigorate. Test out a new color nail polish, even if it is only on those toes!

What would you like to update? I updated my hair for the new year & I now feel like a new ME!Pynk Head